When our daughter, Allison, was growing up, I often noticed her standing in my kitchen as I prepared meals and writing in a 5” X 7” spiral  [Nanland Organic Coffee - Nanland LLC] notebook. When I asked her what she was writing she said she was writing down all my funny words of advice she heard me say. She said she thought I must live in nanland, based on my words of wisdom, and that someday she would publish all her “notes from nanland” in a book to share with the world. She wouldn’t let me see what she was writing, but at one point I recall saying to her, “if you keep writing down every dumb thing I say, I’m going to stop talking”. When we found her notebook years later, that comment of mine was among her many “notes from nanland”.

Finding her “notes from nanland” notebook brought both laughter and tears because we no longer have our beautiful Allison with us; she died tragically and unexpectedly on June 16, 2011 at age 24.

Some of the notes we found include, “don’t put Chap Stick on your lips before you get your bangs cut or the trimmed hairs will stick to your lips” and “letting others see your bed unmade is like answering the front door with your pants down”.

When Terry and I decided to start our coffee company in 2016, we wanted to find a name that had meaning to us and that kept Allison’s memory alive. Naming our company “nanland” accomplishes this for us and having “notes from nanland” as our website blog title warms our hearts each and every time we see it.

In the near future, we will share our “notes from nanland”, as well as some Semi Famous Quotes and family sayings that we have collected over the years. We will also share a bit about our dearly beloved daughter. She was beautiful both inside and out, a kind and fun-loving soul who always tried to comfort others. We will also share lots of information about our new coffee adventure with you.

Thank you for checking in on us and for being interested in our coffee and our darling daughter Allison.

Until next time, warm regards,